Authenticity Of Worship

Authenticity Of Worship

The Samaritan Woman

John 4:1-38 John 4:23-24 We do not worship God out of convenience, we worship God because of who He is. When the season is favourable and when the season is not favourable. We need to realise what brings us into the presence of our King and Lord is worship. Jesus taught one of the most important lessons to a broken person to give hope that He is still in the business of turning sinners to Worshippers. False worship limits to a place, time … but True worship is where we worship in Spirit and Truth as we are a living sacrifice. In the office, traffic, home, as we walk, we should worship God always. As we walk with and worship God, He continually reveals Himself a new to us. As our comforter, provider, restorer and so much more. CHALLENGE God is looking for and inviting us to worship Him. To be transformed and worship God in Spirit and Truth.


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