About Us

About Us

The Tabernacle of Pacesetters in Growth & Transformation



 A Community of Believers Impacting the World with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the transforming Power of the Holy Spirit”


 “A Community of Believers Impacting the World with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the transforming Power of the Holy Spirit”



C – ommunity

Uphold Family | Value Partnership | Embrace Unity

I – ntegrity

Live in Holiness | Pursue Excellence | Practice Honesty

T – ransformation

Individual – Intentional Discipleship | Institutional – Servant Leadership | Societal – Advocacy & Social Action

A – ccountability

To God | To one Another | To Government

M – inistry

To the Lost – Grace and Mercy | To the Least – Love and Compassion | To the Last – Dignity and Respect



One Eternal God and Trinity
We believe in the one eternal God and in the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Creator and Lord of the world, who governs all things according to the purpose of His will, calling out of the world a people for himself and sending them back into the world to be His servants and witnesses for the extension of His Kingdom, the building of Christ’s church to the glory of His name.

One Saviour, Jesus Christ.
We believe in the one Saviour, Jesus Christ Himself being the only God-man, who died for the sins of mankind and was raised from the dead according to the scriptures; the only ransom for sinners and mediator between God and man; who is exalted above every other name as Saviour of the world; who offers forgiveness of sins and the liberating gift of the Spirit to all who repent, believe and come to him personally; and those who reject Him, by so doing, also reject the joy of salvation and condemn themselves to eternal separation from God.

Holy Spirit.
We believe in the Holy Spirit, sent by God the Father to bear witness to his Son, whose power and works among men lead to the conviction of sin, faith in Christ, new birth and Christian growth; and speaking through Scriptures illumines the minds of God’s people in every culture to perceive the truth and disclose to the whole church of the wisdom of God.

Old and New Testament Scriptures.
We believe in the divine inspiration, truthfulness and authority of the Old and New Testament Scriptures as the infallible Word of God with power to accomplish His purpose of salvation.

Return of Jesus Christ.
We believe in the return of Jesus Christ personally and visibly in power and glory to consummate His salvation and judgment; the interim period being filled with evangelism by the people of God, who eagerly await for Christ’s return, the coming of the new heaven and new earth in which righteousness will dwell and God will reign forever.



We are;

  • A Pentecostal Church totally submitted to the Blessed Holy Spirit.
  • An English speaking Church targeting the urban populace.
  • Missions oriented, with an outreach to the wider community within their context.
  • A community of believers, open to people of all tribes, races and social-strata of the community.
  • We are a Church with a ministry approach that is holistic; we seek to reach out to the whole person with the life changing Gospel.



Our Journey to today